Would you like to capture the splendor of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis?
Join us and we will help you finding the best places and the best ways to experience it!

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How do we find the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis?
The tour starts from Alta City, leaving the city lights behind as we become Aurora hunters.
Depending on the latest Aurora and Weather forecasts, and local knowledge, we travel by mini bus until we reach a clear sky and good views for watching and for taking photos – along the coast, fjords or in the inland of Finnmark.

Photos of the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis
GLØD offers professional assistance to adjust the settings on your camera to enable you to capture the Aurora the best way possible. Remember to bring a camera with adjustable settings, preferably an SLR camera, and a tripod.

We are unable to provide any Aurora guarantees, so to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights it may be a good idea to book several departures.

However, last season (2014/2015) our hit rate was 90%!

In other words: If you book two tours with us you are more or less guaranteed of experiencing the majestic Northern Lights!

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Hunting the Northern Lights in Alta, Norway on Youtube

Why are the chances of seeing the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis so high in Alta?
Alta is known as the “City of the Northern Lights” – and this is no coincidence. There are few places on earth where the chances of experience Aurora Borealis as high as they are here. Kristian Birkeland knew this as early as 1899 when he built the world’s first Northern Lights observatory on Halddetoppen just out of Alta.

There are three main reasons why Alta is such a good place for viewing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights oval
Firstly, given Alta’s geographic location, the auroral oval is virtually always directly above (zenith) or just north of the city.

Stabile climate
Secondly, Alta has an extremely stable climate. In winter the days are normally cold and the sky cloudless – and clear skies are essential for spotting the Northern Lights. For instance, in 2009 Alta had just 410 mm of precipitation, something which few other places can claim. This provides many days with clear weather!

However, if it’s overcast in Alta, the chances of finding the Northern Lights still remain good. Alta is situated at the head of the Altafjord and from here you can drive in many directions – northwards towards Skillefjordnes, north-east towards Skaidi or southwards towards Kautokeino. As a general rule, the sky is clear in one of these places!

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